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What will we do on this wild days!?


Manual work at the

Would have to get wet, to sweat and to start working as Frank do daily. Clean, put some order, taking care and feed of the animals, prepare them to be released and much, much more!


Visit a National Park
and free some animals

We will get deeply into one of the biggest National Parks in Thailand, walk through its insides, discovering some animals and possibly free those ready to be freed (if any available)**!

How to book a place?


Send an email to [email protected] or start a chat with Us, with your personal information, the amount of people and the days to visit Us in Thailand!


After receiving our confirmation and acceptance of your visit, you must pay the reservation fee (€100/person) to confirm the desired days.


Indicate the address of the hotel or airport so we can pick you up. * The remaining cost of the visit will be paid in hand by cash. *



per person
3 full days
*Contact Us to show interest*
(Does not include plane ticket or medical insurance)*

The pack includes:

3 full days (and nights)

Food and drinks

We will pick you up and return you to your hotel

Frank's T-shirt and stick

Mini survival kit

Personal hygiene items

For family visits or special cases, please contact Us at:
[email protected]

Visit the non-visible part of Thailand for a few days, with Frank Cuesta!

Start the adventure from today. Contact Us with your personal details and reserve your place now!

The tours are organized when we reach a minimum of 4 people for that dates! Please book yours and we'll be in touch asap.
Check dates and availability first, contacting Us at [email protected]
and we'll get back to you. Or start a chat clicking on the red circle to talk right now!

Terms & Conditions

Wild Shots

Snapshots of past experiences

Terms and Conditions

To accept the reservation we must gather groups of at least 4 people. That is why we must wait for the quotas to be completed in order to accept the visit and send you the confirmation. Once the reservation has been paid, it cannot be refunded if you decide to cancel it for any reason.

From the total cost of the visit you should pay the reservation fee while booking the trip. The rest must be paid by cash at the time of picking you up at the hotel or airport.

Due to the high costs and to make it as much accessible as possible, the final price does not include air tickets or any other type of personal medical insurance (if one is needed).

**On the 3rd day of adventures, where we might release some animals in their natural habitat, it will be determined whether at the time of the visit there are animals ready to be released.

The reservation must be made by an adult. The visit and/or reservation of minors will not be accepted without being accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.

Frank Cuesta and/or NaturalFrank reserves the right to cancel the reservation, communicating this in advance and returning the reservation fee if due to any reasons the ideal conditions for the visit do not occur.

Frank Cuesta and/or NaturalFrank reserve the right to cancel and/or exclude from the Shelter and cancel any activity if there are bad behavior, lack of respect, lack of security or any other reason beyond our control!

Frank Cuesta and/or NaturalFrank reserve the right to change or modify the T&C, the visit plan, the order of the scheadule and anything related to the tours without previous notice.

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